Postal address changes on March 1st 2024

During the transition phase, there may be slight delays in the processing of purchase invoicesWe also remind you that the company only accepts online invoices. At the same time we note that unfortunately, based on recent experiences, the delivery time of letters sent by post is really long, and we do not recommend using them for urgent matters.

For more information, contact CEO Kare Casals, 010 5011 510 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Ledgers and accounting, and invoicing;

Business Meeting Park Oy Ltd. only accepts e-invoices.

Business Meeting Park Oy Ltd. 

Business ID  FI23721417
VAT reg. Residence Helsinki, Finland, EU

Payment terms 

30 days net

Online invoices (reception):

E-invoice address: FI8212373000105921
Operator address: NDEAFIHH


+358-(0)10-5011 510   (inquiries about purchase invoices)
+358-(0)10-5011 501   (inquiries about sales invoices)


Invoice attachments: ostolaskut (a) 
Inquiries: laskutus (a)

Postal address (new):

Business Meeting Park Oy Ltd.
Itämerenkatu 14