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Availability & Booking

Not only spaces, but unique service - in total confidentiality - the only in Finland!

Through this page, you can check the availability of meeting, class and working facilities, as well as reservations and cancellations, in real time (24/7). By confirming the booking, you accept our booking and cancellation policy. Making a reservation does not require registration to this service. Some rooms can also be connected and, if required, we can reserve complete wings and floors on request.

EXPLANATION: Price category: NAME (number of persons / size / floor). All spaces are in size (m2) order

Resource Booking

Text Messaging:  Yes, send me a reminder message. Cell #:
Tämä teksti tulee ohjaustauluun / This will come to the sign display
Free text field like "09.00 Coffee/Tea, Sandwich, 12.00 Lunch, 14.00 Coffee/Tea"
välineitä ja palveluja / tools & services from Meeting Park
Toiveita ja ohjeita esim. laskun viite / Wishes and instructions like PO number or reference text to the invoice
Cash or Credit card / Käteinen tai Luottokortti
Billing / Laskutus


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Instructions for bookings:


  • "Space" = 1 person work space.
    "Office" = 3-4 person work & meetingroom.
    Teh otners are meeting, class and lounge spaces, and the size give the price catergory (below or over 40 m2).


  • At time of booking you can send us information about the catering. Fees and options can be found here. .


  • Please note any preparatory work (furniture, etc.) time before and after the actual event.


  • Please note that rooms are available only from the start of the booking. The premises may not be able before your booking starts, for example because of previous meeting.


  • reservation period may be extended on the spot - if there is no other reservation about to begin. Yiu can also may inquire if there is any other space close by.


  • After sending the reservation, our system will automatically send you a confirmation of your reservation on the above email address.


  • We can send a text message reminder to the selected phone number a couple of days before the event.


  • We serve 24/7 by prior reservation. If you have the need to have meetings at exceptional hours (19-08) during the same day / night, please call us to the number +358 (0)10 5011 501 and ensure that the reservations is ok (resources, etc.).

Normal hourly prices

1st time
Monthly client (contract)
Work space (1p) 10,- / h 5,- / h 0 - 8 / h
Temporal office (1-3p) 25,- / h 10,- / h 0 - 18 / h
Meeting room
bellow 40 m2
50,- / h 25,- / h 0 - 40 / h
Meeting room
over 40 m2
100,- / h ask for offer 0 - 80 / h
Meeting rooms
over 40 m2
150,- / h without catering ask for offer  0 - 80 / h
Meeting room
over 80 m2
150,- / h ask for offer 0 - 120 / h
Meeting rooms
over 80 m2
200,- / h without catering ask for offer  0 - 120 / h
(Prices updated 1.1.2020)

The hourly rates are valid on weekdays and on Saturdays from 06.00 - 22.00. At other times, ie during the night (22.00 to 06.00) and Sundays we charge from normal casual customers an call duty allowance of +50 % to the normal hourly price. The addition of holidays (eg. Easter, 1.5., Midsummer, Independence Day and Christmas) is 100%.

All prices are without tax (VAT 0%). The normal Finnish VAT will be added to the final prices.