We also offer delicious catering – for unforgettable events!


You can order various kinds of catering for your meetings and events from us. Catering is provided by our reliable high-class partners. In addition to the catering list below, we are happy to make a customized catering offer for your event according to your wishes – ask us for more information!

STANDARD catering package consist of traditional and tasty homemade dishes. This package is well-suited for various occasions, and our customers particularly praise the generous portions.

PREMIUM catering package caters to the even more demanding customer’s needs. The dishes, prepared from high-quality ingredients by professional chefs, take seasons into account. We recommend choosing this package when aiming to elevate the taste experience to the next level.


CateringVAT 0%incl. VAT 14%
CATERING PACKAGES - WHOLE DAY (breakfast, lunch, sweet pastry, coffee/tea)    
Standard 38,00 43,32
Premium 46,00 52,44
CATERING PACKAGES - HALF DAY (breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea)
Standard 32,00 36,48
Premium 40,00 45,60
BREAKFAST (breakfast includes water and coffee/tea)    
Standard 14,00 15,96
Premium 21,00 23,94
WARM LUNCH BUFFET (starter, main course, and dessert)    
Standard 22,00 25,08
Premium 27,00 30,78
Coffee/tea +2,00 €    
Lunch salad buffet (salad, bread, table spread) 17,50 19,95
Lunch soup buffet PREMIUM (warm soup, starter salad, bread, table spread) 20,50 23,37
Lunch at a restaurant (max. 70 persons) 15,00 17,10
With delivered lunch you can order coffee/tea +2,00 €    
Ask us about the choices and we will make you an offer    
Coffee and tea 3,90 4,45
Coffee and tea for the whole day 12,90 14,71
Soft drinks 0,33 l 3,40 3,88
Soft drinks 0,25 l 3,10 3,53
Salty pastry of the day 6,60 7,41
Sweet pastry of the day 4,50 5,13
Fruit 4,50 5,13



Please notice that the room rent is not included to the catering packages. The prices are valid for groups of 10-30 persons. For groups of under 10 and over 30 persons please ask for an offer.

In customer dining, we take into account all common special dietary needs, such as lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets, as well as individual allergy diets. The orderer must provide a detailed list of special dietary requirements according to the schedule specified in the delivery terms.

We ask you to make and confirm catering orders following our terms of delivery.


Terms and info

  • Prices updated on 2.1.2024
  • Prices are quoted without VAT (tax) and with VAT.
  • Prices are valid on all Meeting Park locations in Helsinki, Finland.
  • The product range is indicative and dependent on the availability of products and raw materials.
  • All prices are reviewed with cost increases respectively.
  • The normal terms of delivery are valid with all catering orders: terms.


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