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Video conferences & Streaming

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Easily & inexpensively

Focus on the essential - save money and time!

Meeting Park has offered high-level video conferencing services in all its facilities since 2011 in cooperation with Cisco & Polycom. Meeting Park's video conference services are available with pre-reservation 24/7.

Why video conferencing?

  1. speed up decision-making
  2. save time & money (no need to travel)
  3. reach all people at once
  4. can be recorded for commercial use
  5. can be sent to a large audience
  6. very environmentally friendly

Easy to participate

Participating in video conferencing has never been easier; in addition to traditional video conferencing systems, you can participate in video conferences with any device equipped with an internet browser, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to connect a normal call!

  • With genuine open standard (SIP/H323/H324) video conferencing systems (e.g. Poly and Cisco)
  • Computer, PC, Apple, etc. laptop ( Internet browser )
  • iPad and other tablets ( Internet browser
  • Smartphone ( Internet browser )
  • Phone

Ready in all rooms

All of Meeting Park's meeting, training, event and remote work spaces are ready for genuine video conferencing systems, which provide high-level and secure video connections and webinars anywhere in the world - also as a multi-point conference (several participants).


Internet broadcasts  take place with the help of video conferencing systems, in which case the event can be monitored in real time, for example with a mobile phone.

YoutubeThe events can be videotaped and sent, for example, to the customer's own channel or Meeting Park's YouTube  service, from which viewers can follow the event either in real time or recorded at a time that suits them.

Video transmission or recording can be offered either openly or protected only to the desired selected audience.

- from €80/h

The cost of a normal one (1) camera video transmission is only €80/hour (VAT 0%). This includes video conferencing equipment, installations, transmission and monitoring, as well as remote technical support.

In this case, the remote participants (spectators) see not only the speaker's (or chosen one's) picture but also the presentation itself (for example, PowerPoint) at the same time. Remote participants can ask questions via the CHAT panel, for example. 

Customized multi-camera broadcasts

For larger or more demanding events, more customized multi-camera broadcasts can also be done with professionalism. Ask for an offer.


Recordings take place with the help of secure video conferencing systems, so meetings and trainings can be watched later (MP4) on video, which is delivered to the customer, for example, on a memory stick or a link.

Always safety first

Security and confidentiality are in Meeting Park's DNA. We do not recommend using public cloud services for sensitive business negotiations.

Security with genuine video conferencing

A genuine video conferencing system (device) is designed only for video conferencing, e.g. for fast and safe processing of image and sound . Thus, they are not dependent on, for example, the user's computer operating system, drivers, virus protection, software, technology, or their functionality and security.

Meeting Park does NOT recommend using public cloud services for sensitive or secret negotiations.

Cloud-based video conferencing services (e.g.  Zoom , Teams ) are convenient and often easy to use. But when using them, you should also take into account the risks related to their security  from monitoring, recording and eavesdropping (viewing) . All traffic circulates through the aforementioned service provider's cloud services somewhere in the world (e.g. the USA), and most of the time it is processed completely unencrypted at some point. 

Polycom Cisco

Meeting Park's virtual video service certified

Meeting Park offers a very secure, secure and widely serviced video conference platform provided by the Norwegian company ]pexip[ , which has very extensive and thorough security certificates (e.g. ISO/IEC 27001:2013, NIST FIPS 140-2. More  information .) All traffic is processed completely encrypted from Finland .

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CCN logo   HIPAA Compliant Logo  gdpr logo

Cost-effective - with expertise

In addition to the space, a service fee is charged. Prices are tax-free (VAT 0%)

Video conference

20 €/h
  • Includes one (1) camera video conferencing system, establishing a connection to the other party's video conferencing address, and monitoring the connection.

Virtual Video Conference

45 €/h
  • Includes one (1) camera video conferencing system, establishing a connection to the virtual service, in which case the video conferencing service can also be participated in with devices equipped with an internet browser, and connection monitoring.

Streaming / Broadcasting

80 €/h
  • Includes one (1) camera video conference system, establishing a connection, broadcasting to the customer's desired address or Meeting Park's YouTube channel, and monitoring the broadcast.

A pioneer and trendsetter in his field

In 2012, in cooperation with Cisco  and  Polycom  , we introduced genuine and secure video conferences as part of normal meetings at a nominal cost (starting at NOK 20/hour). All rentable premises (rooms) are equipped for video conferences.


Technical data & instructions

With Cisco, Poly(com) & Jabra

Ready in all rooms

All of Meeting Park's meeting, training, event and remote work spaces are ready for genuine video conferencing systems, which provide high-level and secure video connections and webinars anywhere in the world - also as a multi-point conference (several participants).

Polycom® RealPresence® Group 500

More information here

Cisco TelePresence SX20

More information from Cisco

Specifications for both;

  • Standards-compliant 1080p solution
  • Premium resolution (1080p60)
  • H.323/H.324 and Session Iinitation Protocol (SIP) up to 6 Mbps point to point
  • Built-in individually transcoded multipoint conferencing for 1+3 participants
  • Camera with 4x / 12x zoom
  • Dual display support



For video conference devices  (SIP/H323/H324)

At Meeting Park, we use genuine, at least Full HD level open standard (SIP, H323/H324) video conferencing systems (Poly and Cisco).

For video conferencing, you only need video conferencing equipment, system, software, application or internet service according to the open standard (SIP, H323/H324). These can be found in most hotels, business centers and larger companies. Destinations abroad can be searched for example on services such as .

Virtual service with an internet browser

You can also participate in the video conference using Meeting Park's own internet browser-based service directly from your own computer or mobile phone.

For video conferencing you need;

  • video conferencing system, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • internet browser (for computer or tablet)
  • video camera (often already in a laptop)
  • microphone (often already in the laptop)
  • Internet connection. An Ethernet cable or a WiFI connection of equal quality, the speed of which (in and out) should preferably be at least 600 Kb/s (0.6 Mb/s).


As a general rule, we contact all parties ourselves, in which case the other parties only have to respond to the upcoming video conference.

The participants of the meeting can also, if necessary, take a video conference connection directly to Meeting Park with a separately indicated SIP or IP address.

  • IP address format:
  • SIP address format: roomXX @


Connections can be tested before the actual meeting. This is highly recommended if it is a new connection and the meeting is critical/important in nature. In this case, please contact our technical support or customer service a little in advance.

Technical support (24/7):

If you have problems or need help, you can call directly on +358 10 5011 510

We ask that you provide the contact information of all parties participating in the video conference:

  • Video conferencing equipment or system (party) address (e.g. IP address) to which we can call in order to connect the video conference
  • Contact details of the local contact person and technical support

so that we can be in touch if any problems occur.


Meeting Park is an  unique  enviroment.

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