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Video Conference 1080p

Not only spaces, but unique service - in total confidentiality - the only in Finland!

Concentrate on the essentials - save money and time!

Genuine Full HD Video Conference

All meeting, class and workspaces have a readiness for Cisco's Full HD Video Conferencing, which provide high-quality (1080p) video conferencing to all parts of the World - up to 10 participants / locations (multipoint).

Why Video Conferencing?

  1. speed up decision making
  2. more free time
  3. save time and money (no need to travel)
  4. reach all the important people at a time
  5. can be recorded for a later use
  6. can be a very big audience
  7. very environmentally friendly way to have meetings


The recordings take place thru of Cisco's Full HD Video Conference systems, so that meetings and training sessions can be viewed later.

Recording price is 20, - EUR / hour (VAT 0%). The price includes only the recording - not the use of the Video Conference system.

Recording booking must be made well in advance of the actual meeting.

Broadcasting / Streaming - also Youtube

Internet broadcasts will also take place using the Cisco's Full HD Video Conference systems. The broadcasting can be seen thru internet with a internet browser and Youtube app.

Broadcasting / Streaming price is 80, - EUR / hour (VAT 0%). The price includesthe use of the Video Conference system, recording and technical support.

Broadcasting / Streaming booking must be made well in advance of the actual meeting.

€ 70,-
hour (VAT 0%)
including < 40 m2 meeting space with video conferencing

With a voucher
€ 50,-
hour (VAT 0%)
including < 40 m2 meeting space with video conferencing

€ 20,-
hour (VAT 0%)
incl. only the video conferencing

Monthly client
€ 10,-
hour (VAT 0%)
incl. only the video conferencing



Skype Skype for Business Lync Youtube

Main partners

Cisco Cisco


Cisco SX20

Cisco TelePresence SX20

Specifications at a Glance

  • Standards-compliant 1080p solution
  • Premium resolution (1080p60)
  • H.323 and Session Iinitation Protocol (SIP) up to 6 Mbps point to point
  • Built-in individually transcoded multipoint conferencing for 1+3 participants
  • Camera with 4x zoom
  • Dual display support

More information from Cisco

Skype and Lync support

  • For Skype and Lync connections we use a virtual service
  • the extra cost is 25 euros / hour (VAT 0%) per session
  • included for free in our virtual videoconferencing service

Skype & Lync
+ € 25,-
hour / room (VAT 0%)

Virtual multipoint rooms

  • Virtual multipoint conferencing offers ability to add many more participants
  • Standards-compliant 1080p solution
  • Premium resolution (1080p60)
  • H.323/H.324 and SIP up to 6 Mbps point to point
  • support for Skype and Lync
  • support for Youtube

Recording & Streaming

  • We can record video conferences, meetings and presentations, that you can also edit later.
  • We can send the video stream to the internet, to see with a common mediaplayer, internet browser or Youtube app.
  • Support for Youtube

+ € 20,-
hour (VAT 0%)

€ 80,-
hour (VAT 0%)

Instructions for video conferencing

Requirements (SIP/H323/H324)

Here at Business Meeting Park we are using for Video Conferencing Cisco’s SX20 systems with SIP, H323/H324 and multipoint support.

For Video conferencing you need only an Open Standard (SIP, H323,H324) video conferencing equipment/system (eg. Cisco, Polygon) that you can find from many hotels, business centers and companies. You can find locations from services like NEW: Now you can participate to the video conference with a internet browser from a computer, laptop and mobile phone.

Another option is to use a internet service or a video conference software / application for computer, tablet or phone - that are compatible with an Open Standard video conferencing systems. In this way you can call with a PC. laptop, tablet and smart phone.

  • video conference system, computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • internet browser in case or computer, laptop or tablet
  • Video camera (often in a laptop )
  • Microphone (often in a laptop )
  • Internet connection. An Ethernet cable or a stable WiFi connection with a min. speed (in/out) of 600 Kb/s (0,6 Mb/s) is recommendable.


Normally we make all the calls to all the videoconference parties, in which case the counterparties do not have to other than to answer an incoming video conferencing.

Meeting participants can also call directly to all our meeting, class and workspace rooms with a SIP-address (or IP-address by pre-request.


  • IP-address:
  • SIP-address: meetingroom.xx @



Connections can be tested before the actual meeting. In that case, please contact us a little in advance.

Support (24/7)

If you have any problems or need help, please call us directly to +358 10 5011 505

Please, provide your information

Please submit the following contact information for all parties in the video conference:

  • Video conferencing system address (eg, IP address)
  • Main Contact & Tech.Support persons

so that we can contact you (and the parties) if and when any problems occurs.

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