The Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland together with the Embassy of Switzerland in Helsinki held a forum on Wood and Circular Economy at Meeting Park FORUM on 16 June 2019 .

This year, the Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland biannual business trip´s topic 2019 focused on wood and the growing importance of wooden products for the circular economy and its impact of the environment. Switzerland and Finland are one of the leaders in the adaptation of circular economy. Both countries also target to become global pioneers in a world in which wealth can no longer be based on excessive use of natural resources. Society and business community are open for new innovations to replace existing wasteful methods and to create totally new sustainable ways to offer services and products.


  • H.E. Heinrich Maurer, Ambassador of Switzerland in Finland
  • Mr. Felice Romano, President of the Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland
  • Mr. Heikki Ilvespää, Vice President R&D, UPM
  • Dr. Jani Kaarlejärvi, Executive Vice President, Business Meeting Park
  • Mr. Gerrit van Setten, Member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland