Fixed pricing (all inclusive)

Pricing has been made as easy as possible and predictable. The fixed monthly charge includes all basic business services such as secured high-speed Internet connections, color prints and copies as well as a number of hours per month of the use of conferences and remote working facilities - free of charge - at any locations, and regardless of the number of people!

The flexibility of facilities and exchange right (benefit)

For us, our customers' well-being is essential. Therefore, we offer the possibility to change rooms if necessary. For example, tenants always have the privilege of vacated premises and the same office within and between offices in the seniority principle. Also inside the Forum center it is possible to move to larger premises within the FORUM Offices (32.000 m2) side, without the need to abandon the Meeting Park's services and benefits.

Period of notice (2 or 3 months)

We do not force into long agreements. The normal rental contract is effective until further notice 3 months' notice for fix office premises and 2 months for virtual packages. Also the fixed-term contract is possible.

Rental deposit (2 or 3 months)

The rental guarantee deposit is equivalent to the period of notice (2 or 3) months’ rent with VAT made by a bank payment before the move. Deposit will be refunded in accordance with the terms of the contract at the end of the contractual relationship. Possible room reservation fee equals to one month's rent and the amount is an advance payment by its nature, which is non-refundable.

The principle of confidentiality (NDA)

Although we are very open to our own operations related issues such as pricing, still to secure a confidential environment for our customers is the number one target, especially when the business is becoming increasingly more knowledge-based and internationalised. Therefore, all monthly customers and tenants, as well as staff agree to abide by the same principle of confidentiality (non-disclosure conditions) – Business Meeting Park being the only one in the Nordic countries with such a strong enthusiam towards security and confidentiality.

Furnishing (free)

In principle, the rooms are rented unfurnished because customers often have their own furniture or wishes with regard to interior design. If so wished, we can furnish the rooms according to the customer's wishes, so that furniture can either be rented through us or bought for yourself.

Other terms and conditions (such as VAT)

Offices and rooms are subjected to Finnish public VAT. All prices mentioned are net prices and the prevailing Finnish value added tax will be added. Annual contract amendment applies to an index clause which is tied to the cost of living index in accordance with the terms of the contract. Minimum raise (1%) is possible. If there is no separate agreement or conditions otherwise agreed, Finnish law (LHVL 482/95) is applicable.